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How to Write a New Tutorial on

In this tutorial you will learn to write your first tutorial on You will learn the recommended structure and some good style practices to help you write a tutorial that is easy to follow and that creates a good learning experience for your readers.

This tutorial will walk you through the Docusaurus basics you need to know as well as show you the directory / repository structure and everything else it takes to put your tutorial live on


You can of course write your tutorial without sticking to this guide, just open an editor and begin writing markdown. However there might come a time when you want to see it with the UI, with interactive elements or just test it - then this is the right time to follow along here.

Time of completion

~1 hour (15min setup, 45min reading)

What you'll learn

  • How to create a local development environment
  • How to start by copying our template
  • How to fork our repository and make a pull request
  • What sections your tutorial should include
  • What content those sections should contain
  • What style the tutorials should follow
  • How to add metadata to your tutorial (categories, author info, tags) and why it is important
What should be included?

This part should include clearly defined learning goals, be specific and make it appealing :)


  • know how to operate github, especially pull requests, forks, commits
  • basic knowledge of markdown (content)
  • an idea of react (interactive tutorial parts - but you can copy a lot from our template or other tutorials without a deep understanding of react)
What should be included?

List, what readers need to know in order to understand / complete your tutorial. That is, things you will not cover but are considered relevant to follow.


What should be included?

Here you can write anything about yourself, and link your profiles and/or your authors page.

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