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Submitting the Tutorial

In the first part Setup the Development Environment you forked the polkadot study repository. That was the crucial step.

Submitting a Pull Request from your repo

  1. Go to your forked github repo in your browser
  2. Make sure you sync your fork. This will update your fork to the latest version of Sync Fork
  3. Run and test your synced version again and make sure you resolve any possible merge conflicts
  4. Create a pull request by clicking on contribute Contribute to Github Repo
  5. Now submit your pull request "across forks" Create Pull Request

Next Steps

Once you have submitted your pull request, a moderator will review your submission. During that time, you can still make changes to your branch which will be reflected in the Pull Request too. When the review and the revisions are completetd, our moderators (the ones with write access to the github repository) will merge your tutorial and it will automatically appear online on If you agreed with to receive funding. You will be paid upon completion.

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