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Learn polkadot.js

Polkadot does JavaScript. polkadot.js provides many handy tools to interact with polkadot / substrate nodes. It e.g. offers APIs around Polkadot and Substrate based chains via RPC calls. The github orginazation is also root of the polkadot.js browser extension, hosts, the public polkadot apps repository and more.

Official Documentation / Repositories

  • Official polkadot{.js} docs: The official docs with lots of code examples and best practices.
  • Polkadot JS Apps: The repository for the official Polkadot JS user interface that showcases a lot of usage examples of the library.

Further Learning Material


One Tutorial tagged with "polkadot.js"

How to build the Substrate Kitties Chain

From the substrate node template to a fully functional blockchain that handles kitties NFTs.

Tokengated Website with polkadot.js and next-auth

How to write a tokengated website with polkadot.js API and next.js

Basic Wallet with Polkadot.js API and React with TypeScript.

Write a simple wallet with polkadot js that can display balances and transfer
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