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Polkadot.Study Report March 2023

· 3 min read

This is the report for the Kusama Token Holders / Treasury for the first month of building Below you will find tasks, accomplished in the first month as well as plans for the following month.

The goal of completion is a total of 4 months, with 3 months remaining. I am confident, that I reach can reach the goal.


  • Registered Domains (,
  • Github setup
    • Setup an issue template for new tutorial authors
  • Vercel setup /
    • automatically build new commits and pull requests (from authors)
  • Setup the Docusaurus environment for
  • Research
    • Discussed Docusaurus functionality on Docusaurus Discord and Github


What you currently see is only a quick preview of what the designers created in a first iteration. The design is going to be finished in the next 2 months. Tasks completed:

  • Setup a design document for the designers and a slack channel.
  • Several meetings: first iteration is visible on already


A key part of the interactive tutorials on are the interactive react components. I have created the initial logic for those, so authors can already use them and play around.


  • Found 6 Authors (from the PBA context) to write new tutorials on View their plans here:
  • Discussed with authors and setup the above mentioned author intro
  • Agreed on 50/50 funding beforehand and on completion
  • Wrote a tutorial for authors on How to write a new Tutorial on
    • Content requirements
    • Funding
    • Markdown mdx cheatsheet Wrote cheat cheat for authors
    • Contribution Guidelines
    • Develop an empty starter Tutorial to start from for authors


  • Discussing possible Collaborations with Substrate in Bits, current discussion here:
  • Discussing possible Collaborations with
  • Connected with Parity Developer Relations in a meeting


  • Accompany the writing of the tutorials / help authors to get started
  • Find more authors
  • Refine and implement the design along designers
    • Landing Page
    • Tag Pages
  • Tag / Category Pages (e.g. polkadot.js API, XCM, substrate) with links to external learning materials
    • Contact eligible people to help setting up the content for tag pages (ink, xcm, substrate, ...)
  • Further development of Task and Question Components
  • Look for more possible collaborations (with parachains)
  • More meetings with parity dev rel
  • Writing a good „Tokengated Website with pollkadot.js“ Tutorial
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